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RIG Logistics Trucking Calgary, AB - Trucking Services: Temp Controlled

Temp Controlled

Does the temperature of your freight need to be carefully monitored?
Would you like to ensure your temperature-controlled shipments are handled properly?

Asset-based – Your Freight is Our Freight

Rig Logistics shares the concerns you have about temperature-controlled freight. Because we are an asset-based, private carrier, we bring a high level of accountability and reliability to our operation. With dedicated equipment and drivers, we are able to grow with our customers and accommodate their needs. We are able to maintain strict control and oversight of all of our equipment and loads. When you minimize the number of carriers involved in a shipment, you minimize risks and claims. Your freight is our freight.

Temp-Controlled Supply Chain Management

At Rig Logistics we understand what it takes to ensure the safe shipment of temperature-controlled freight. Our equipment is new and outfitted with the latest in tracking technology. We adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. We prefer to be proactive – solving problems before they even arise. Whether your shipments require dry vans with heaters, dedicated food equipment, refrigerated and multi-temperature trailers, Rig Logistics can provide a supply-chain solution for your temp-controlled freight.

Experienced Drivers

Rig’s drivers are skilled professionals who ensure that your load arrives safely. They are trained on the proper handling of specialized and temperature-controlled freight. Rig Logistics keeps a running log so that our customers have a reliable record of a load’s environment in transit. Our drivers carefully monitor temperatures and any other relevant conditions.

If you are interested in further information about our temperature-controlled trucking services, please contact Rig Logistics.