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Do you worry about your shipments arriving safely and on time?
Would you like to minimize the number of carriers you need to manage?

Dry Vans, Temp-Controlled, Heated, Food, TL, Intermodal-Drayage

As an asset-based, private carrier, Rig Logistics isn’t just in the business of shipping freight; we take the worry out of it. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we have experience moving delicate shipments requiring a Temperature-Controlled environment. We also have specialized equipment dedicated to Food Service and Heated environments. Because we have a large fleet of Long Combination Vehicles (LCV), we are able to move more freight in our Dry Vans for less cost, while reducing our carbon footprint. We provide Intermodal/Drayage services as well, and can haul TL General Freight throughout North America.

Dedicated Service, Logistics

Rig Logistics enjoys success in a highly competitive environment because we take a pro-active approach to Logistics. Our owner is completely hands-on. We have our own maintenance shop which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We have excellent continuing education for our drivers, dispatch, management and office staff. All of this enables us to render top-notch customer service. Our clients also appreciate our Dedicated Service. Having their own fleet at their disposal to ship goods and take care of their interests is invaluable to the customers who utilize our Dedicated Service. Rig Logistics has been able to excel by growing with our customers. We are just the right size to be able to handle large projects while accommodating seasonal fluctuations in volume.

Please contact Rig Logistics for further information about our Heated, Temp-Controlled, Food and Dedicated Service, or our Dry Van, LCV, Intermodal/Drayage, TL and other Logistics services.  It is our pleasure to provide you with a list of customer references should you require.