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RIG Logistics Trucking Calgary, AB - Trucking Services: Dedicated Service

Dedicated Service

Is managing multiple carriers stressing you out?
Do you need an asset-based, private carrier with reliable, dedicated service?

Dedicated Fleet Manager, Long Term Customer Relationships

At Rig Logistics, our team of professionals has a proven track record when it comes to dedicated service. Our customers have come to rely on us as an integral part of their businesses. We have the necessary pool of drivers available to cover vacations, sick days or days off, as well as surge requests on the part of our customers. We have a Dedicated Fleet Manager, and our drivers have long term relationships with our clients. As an asset-based, private carrier, we have the drivers, tractors and trailers on hand to provide uninterrupted dedicated service.

Safe, Proactive, Fewer Claims

We do everything we can at Rig Logistics to ensure safe, on time deliveries. By running new trucks and adhering to strict maintenance protocols we are able to keep our fleet running at its best. We take a proactive approach to logistics.  By having our own Dispatch and Maintenance Shop operating 24/7, we are able to keep ahead of many potential problems that could otherwise sideline a shipment. Aside from our own maintenance shop, we also have partnerships in place which extend our maintenance coverage nationwide. Our driver base is well trained and versed in procedures for road closures, weather incidents, construction etc. Rig Logistics has grown right along with our customers. We have taken on assets as needed in order to help us provide the best customer service we can.

Please contact us at Rig Logistics for further information about our Dedicated Service. We work with many large distributors and retailers and we understand just-in-time deliveries. We can provide references on request.