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From our head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we have a view of the Rocky Mountains. The sight is both breathtaking and humbling. As a first generation Canadian, the owner of Rig Logistics is constantly aware of the opportunities his new country has afforded him. He is inspired to give back to the community which has enabled him to fulfill his dream of owning and operating a thriving trucking enterprise.

Rig Logistics has been involved in many different humanitarian and community service projects over the years. Whether it’s the International Red Cross or the Calgary Food Bank, we talk about some of the ventures that are near and dear to the heart of Rig Logistics in our blog, Giving Back. Feel free to check it out; we hope your company will be inspired to give to worthy causes in your area and beyond.

Rig Logistics is an asset-based, private carrier. If you are in need of supply-chain solutions, please contact us a Rig Logistics.