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RIG Logistics Trucking Calgary, AB - Long Combination Vehicle LCV

Long Combination Vehicle LCV

Do you know that Long Combination Vehicles move more freight for less cost?
Are you aware that LCVs adhere to higher safety standards?

More Freight – Less Cost

In keeping with our desire to provide the utmost in value and customer service, Rig Logistics owns a large fleet of LCVs (Long Combination Vehicle). There are many advantages to using LCV. If you are a shipper you will appreciate a more seamless flow of freight and less need to communicate with various carriers. Because LCV moves twice the freight with one tractor, Rig Logistics is able to offset cost and time. As an asset-based private carrier with our own maintenance shop, and the latest in tracking technology, we have tight control over every area of our operation. Having careful control over our operation allows us to know exactly what is going on with all of our trucks and shipments at any given time. This mitigates problems and enables us to communicate accurately with our customers. Honesty and integrity are an integral part of the culture of Rig Logistics.

Our Drivers

LCV is rendered even more time-efficient because of our use of team drivers. At Rig Logistics we are extremely proud of our all of our drivers; we hire quality people that share our focus on customer service, honesty and safety. Our LCV drivers are an elite group. They require a minimum of 2 years of experience before they can take the specialized training needed to be an LCV driver. Any carrier that operates LCV does so under very high scrutiny; special licensing and insurance is required and there are more checks, road restrictions and audits involved. Drivers incurring infractions can be subject to double the demerits. LCV raises the safety consciousness of our entire company.

Environmentally Friendly Carrier

Long Combination Vehicles are not only safer, they are more environmentally friendly. Because twice the freight may be hauled with the same amount of trucks, there is an enormous reduction in emissions. Carbon offset is greatly reduced by using LCVs.

If you are interested in learning more about Rig Logistics’ Long Combination Vehicles and how we can provide you with supply-chain management solutions, contact us. Should you require a list of references, we would be happy to make that available to you.