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Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly, value carrier?
Can your shipping costs be lowered by using an environmentally-consciousness trucking company?

Environmentally-Friendly, Supply-Chain Management

Rig Logistics is an environmentally-conscious trucking company based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Being an asset-based, private carrier lends itself to going beyond mere compliance with industry standards. We are proactive in implementing our own environmental policies that are advantageous to both the environment and the economy. Going “green” isn’t a trendy marketing ploy, it is our social responsibility. Being within view of the majestic Rocky Mountains helps reinforce our sense of duty to care for our environment. And the benefits extend to our bottom line and the bottom line of our customers.

Cut Shipping Costs – Care for the Environment

Because Rig Logistics is a private trucking company, we have an innate feeling of ownership. We take pride in our office, our maintenance shop, and all of our trucking assets. From seemingly insignificant things like shutting off the lights behind us, to our large fleet of Long Combination Vehicles – everything counts and has an accumulative affect on the environment and on costs.

Rig Logistics – Reducing Carbon Footprint

  • Long Combination Vehicles (LCV)
  • New, low-emission equipment
  • Strict No-Idle policy
  • Pro-rate heat system
  • State-of-the-art Capture/Offset system
  • Speed Governors – factory optimum
  • Skirts on trailers
  • Track & Monitor performance of each unit
  • Track & Monitor driver performance
  • Full-service tire agreement & tracking
  • Electrical outlets in yard for cold weather
  • Preventative maintenance: TMW & Shaw Track
  • Black oil recycling
  • Company-wide recycling
  • Continuing education & training – Safety & Environment

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly carrier, please contact us at Rig Logistics. We work with many large distributors and retailers who can attest to our professionalism; references may be provided upon request.