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Safety & Compliance RIG Logistics Trucking Calgary, AB

Safety & Compliance

Is safety-consciousness one of your chief concerns when you look for a carrier?
Do you want the safety and security that comes with an asset-based transportation company?

Asset-Based, Safety-Conscious Carrier

Because just-in-time deliveries are such a large component of supply-chain management, many logistics companies are tempted to cut corners in the name of speed. At Rig Logistics, we think the best way to succeed at the business of just-in-time deliveries, or any shipping service, is by being proactive. We apply this philosophy to every area of our asset-based trucking company. The reality is that safety affects our bottom line and the bottom line of our customers. We can’t afford to put safety on the backburner – ever.

Proactive Logistics – Safety & Fewer Claims

Rig’s proactive approach greatly reduces our on-road challenges. Our 24/7 Dispatch team helps track developing weather, road construction and other incidents so our driver’s can respond in a safe and timely manner. Rig Logistics’ drivers are competent professionals. We make sure our drivers are trained beyond industry standards. They conduct themselves in keeping with our company philosophy and excel at safety and customer service.

Rig Logistics Goes the Extra Mile:

  • CBSA
  • LCV-PDIC trainer on staff
  • C.O.R. Certified
  • 24/7 Maintenance Shop
  • Preventative maintenance: TMW & Shaw Track
  • Mobile Maintenance Unit
  • National agreement with Pacar and Trailcon for on-road, off-site maintenance
  • New units equipped with the latest tracking technology
  • Full-service tire agreement & tracking
  • Pre, Post & Mid-trip driver inspection protocols
  • Winter driver training
  • Spot checks
  • Track & Monitor: Fuel consumption, Speed, Hard Braking

If you are in need of supply-chain solutions, please contact us a Rig Logistics. We can provide a list of customer references upon request.