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RIG Logistics Trucking Calgary, AB - Trucking Services: Food Service

Food Service

Are you looking for a trucking company that understands the food industry?
Do you need the security and reliability of a dedicated carrier?

Dedicated Service

Rig Logistics is an asset-based private carrier with a proven track record in the food and grocery business. We have dedicated equipment and drivers. We provide custom solutions for your food service needs. Our dry vans with heaters, refrigerated and multi-temperature trailers are equipped with the latest in tracking technology.

Quality Drivers

Our drivers are specifically trained with regard to the food industry. They carefully monitor temperatures and keep a running log so that you can have a reliable record of the load’s environment. We observe stringent cleanliness protocols between loads.

Supply-Chain & Food Service

Rig Logistics has earned a reputation for excellent among the large, food retailers, distributors and wholesalers we work with. (We would be happy to provide references upon request.) Whether you require refrigerated trailers, dry vans with heaters or multi-temperature loads, you can trust Rig Logistics to take care of any supply-chain needs associated with the food and grocery industry.

Contact Rig Logistics. Rig Logistics and let us know how we can help with your food-service freight.